Arabella means “answered prayers,”…something my mom used to say all the time as good times, hard times, and everything in between came about in life. As an English teacher for over twenty five years in Pittsburgh, of course I had to make sure the name of my presence in the business world was symbolic!

The inspiration for the product was a little less sappy.

I was sitting at my teacher in-service during a recent school year, and, instead of hearing about the latest and greatest initiatives in education, I was learning how not to get shot during an intruder training session! My head physically tilted, and I said to myself, “I definitely did not sign up for this when I eagerly picked teaching as my career choice while attending Penn State University, and this epidemic is just plain messed up!” Even though I still give teaching my full attention when I am in the classroom, my brain went to work on a supplemental idea…

Long story, short – a glass of wine, a best friend, a horse products catalog, a closet full of boots, and cold Pittsburgh weather nine months of the year, and out comes the light bulb moment- jewelry for boots! Is it a product that solves the world’s problems? No, but jewelry has been around for centuries, as well as boots. Why not blend these two fashion staples together?! And what woman doesn’t love jewelry of some sort?!

Plus, the one thing nearest and dearest to my heart, other than my family, is horses, and the horse world is full of boots and jeweled embellishments from rhinestones on the bridles and helmets to turquoise beaded belts and stirrups, so this entire product concept is full of meaningful connections to my world, and I hope to put a NEW SPARKLE in your step and into your world with this fun, unique accessory.